shrieks and squeals

Style : More of Sunday. A breakfast of yummy home baked cranberry hot cross buns, awaited me at a friends house. They didn't last long enough to get a picture.

We tidied a bit of the garden. The magnolia tree is just getting ready to burst into bloom.

I got a surprise flash soaking whilst trying to fathom out how to work the hose. (not that technical as it turns out) TIP. Do not just snap the end off! Loud shrieks and squeals as I tried to stick my thumb in the end which just made wild jets spray in all directions. Lucky we had a bright smiling sun to dry me off.

Once home I baked an emergency dinner I had been saving in the freezer. Mashed sweet potato and cheese topped salmon and vegetable pie with hot butter and pepper peas, and I think I recall a small clause in the sweet things agreement, I think we were having a little sugar fix on Sundays? Jelly babies. All gone.

Now another week begins. I wonder if the sun will stay?


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