Pastry regrets

Style : Today I am trying to cope with a carbs hangover. I wish to put yesterday behind me. Although these cakes and pastries make for a nice picture, I am posting it here as a reminder of my bad behavior. It was not the fault of these buttery baked lovelies or the visiting family members, that I proceeded to continue down a dark path for the rest of Monday. Chocolate muffin. Chocolate bar. Marshmallows. Pizza. The only vegetable I recall was a slither of green pepper on a pizza slice. I may have even blacked some other eatings out of my mind, I think there was a lunch I missed off that grizzly list too. Who knows.

But any way today is a new day, the husband is in Taiwan for work and on the brighter side fabulous weather has inspired me to turn over a new lettuce leaf. Tofu and flash fried greens. Chicken and salad. Walking an extra mile a day. Hopefully he will come home to a proud wife that has a little give around her waistband. I bet he is reading this now shaking his head. My biggest battle will be with my sweet tooth but maybe I could just schedule in a single dessert slot on Sundays? But maybe its too soon.


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