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Style : I love bleak colours, winter grey, soft twiggy browns, feather whites, but as spring rolls in thicker and faster pretty brights are weaving their way through my life. I have been bestowed another Joules dress, this time for a May wedding I am attending, its such a happy dress I want to wear it every day. Colourful marzipan sweets and delicate candy hued garlands will have to tide me over until I can debut my floral explosion!

I need to get a pair of shoes to go with it. These wedges are a good match but there is no way I could stand in them all day. Have you seen any shoes you think would suit this outfit?

I thought the tea set in the picture above would make a good best friend for my dress. It is from the book Afternoon tea parties with beautiful photographs by Martin Brigdale, it is available from Ryland peters and small. It is such a great book. I think I am going to invite my girlfriends to a few tea parties this summer.

Now on to matters more serious. I am off to bid a sad farewell to Gill Grissom.

bye x


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