The curse of the peacock feather

Style : I am not usually a believer of good luck, bad luck stuff. I have broken enough mirrors in my life to be cursed forever. I laugh heartily at my husband as he skirts round three drain covers in a row and crosses his fingers at all kinds of nonsense. I started the day with my rose tinted specs on as usual. The pretty remains of last nights dinner party in honor of my dads birthday looked so sweet on the table.

But after picking up a couple of peacock feathers on a visit to Leeds Castle yesterday and bringing them under my roof its all gone wrong.

This morning I was hopeful. The sun was shining I was up early. Planing on spending the morning with a friend and her daughters. I arrived at the bus station in good time. Reading as I waited in the warm sun for the country bus.

8.30 no bus. No sign of bus. No "sorry there will be no bus". 9.30 next bus comes. Buy ticket for specified destination. Speedily pass turning for my stop. Realise this rookie driver has no intention of even nearing the place I need to go. Disembark at next available stop before I end up in another county. Not in the mood for spur of the moment hitch hiking I desperately call upon the mercy of my friend and am thankfully collected from my roadside position.

What an idiot. The route clearly says it should take my turn. I have caught this bus many times before. The ticket named my stop. He wasn't even sorry. Left me stranded in the middle of nowhere. I feel a very bitter letter of complaint and the booking of some driving lessons coming on.

So now I am now back home and in the last photo is the innocent image of a pretty pudding, no? An afternoon treat. Pretty and delicate wisps of cream and sugar. Okay not so innocent. Maybe even decadent for a Monday. Well as it turns out. The curse continues. Most of it ended up in my lap.

Should I let down the blinds and crawl back in to bed now, or just put the feathers out?

I hope you are having a better monday?


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