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Last weekend was spent preparing sweet treats for a Saturday night gathering. Teeny meringue and fruit tarts, brownies, yummy white russian cupcakes from this book, and fresh strawberry ice cream. Seems I ate way too little cake and drank too much Rum. Although Sunday morning I did manage to fight through the hangover and craft a green iced dinosaur out of chocolate cake for a two year old's birthday party. Miracle. It all went down hill after I became a human climbing frame. So will be having quiet Saturdays in for a few weeks.

Has everyone else been really enjoying the sunshine? Even from indoors, my windows pushed open, curtains fluttering in the fresh spring breeze. Tidying magazine scraps into folders and paper piles all over the living room table (much to my husbands dismay).

I have been gathering images for a holiday inspired mood board hoping I can weed out the black leggings and grey cardigans for more colourful and bejewelled style capsule wardrobe to take away with me to Marrakech. All my greys fall together so easily and the revival of leggings has made me utterly lazy about dressing. Feel another wardrobe cull fast approaching.

Still procrastinating about what to sew these beautiful stones onto. A trip to Liberty is needed to get some fabric and design some cushions. All this colour is making my imagination boil over.


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