Pastel puddings and ballroom dancing

Style : Good weather is keeping me in high spirits, baking pear and almond muffins and sweet spiced nuts. Out and about I picked up some of my favourite puddings from the Chinese supermarket and Some broken blossom boughs from a walk in the park on the way to visit a friend.

The shoes I mentioned in my last post are from Bourne, they are from last seasons range but there are lots of new bejewelled designs or try Ebay for similar. Continuing on the shoe theme I visited Kirt Geiger and I picked up a pair of super cute silver ballroom style shoes for £29 so no lunch money for me next week. Time to hand the debit card in to my husband I think. I don't know what it is about silver and gold shoes but I am building up quite a collection, I love them.

Happy weekend to you.


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