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After a wild night out I woke up on Sunday morning to find this beautiful film in my mailbox. A real day saver. I instantly fell in love. With the styling the music and Alison's red hair. I will watch it over and over. This stop motion short was made by Angela Kohler and her boyfriend Ithyle, with Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy.
I know you will enjoy the film as much as me, So I sent Angela over some questions and I am so glad she had time to answer them. Pop over and take a look at Angela's wonderful portfolio too.

What was the inspiration behind this piece?

We wanted to make a visual journey, and we collaborated with Alison from the beginning, talking about the motifs that she likes in her personal life and in her music. We went to flea markets and picked up objects that inspired us, then we built the piece around all of those elements.

How long did it take to make?

3 days. We built the fake floor in our studio in one day, then shot the film in 2 days. When we were done Ali was pretty sore and from laying on her back on a wood floor for so long, and we all had a few splinters. It took a week to clean up.

Were there any parts of the film that were particularly hard to capture?

The Ocean scene was an experiment with string. We thought it would look amazing and flow, but it was really hard to get the enormous pile of yarn to be hidden behind her skinny little waist before it began to stretch to the edges of the frame. She was teetering on this giant yarn ball trying to be comfortable.
And our dog kept running off with pieces of it.

Who is the music by ?

Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy (who is the main character in the piece) crafted the music to fit the film and Butch Walker engineered and produced it.

Where or who are all the dresses from / made by?

Most of the clothing was vintage.

Who or what are some of your creative influences?
We are inspired by things around us. Old things. Things with texture and history. We do a lot of "hey look at this" to each other. I think if it is beautiful, it inspires us.

Do you have anymore that you are working on?
We are currently working on a series of advertisements for the Amazon Kindle as well as a bunch of personal projects, we are a little OCD, there is always some idea that we can't keep our minds off of.

Thanks again Angela.


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