Style : A reply to sweet Sarah's comment on my last post.

Where would you NOT wear your Noa Noa net skirt in rural glos?

Wear it. . . . . . to the bakery on a Saturday morning, or to pick up your children from school, maybe to meet your husband from work as a surprise, at home while you spending time with yourself or to the supermarket. I am silly girl who wears Jimmy Choo's to bake (or did until I sadly parted with them on ebay for a very good price!)

Last night I spent the evening with my sister and our friend B. Cold cuts and cosmopolitans. Indoors and out. B is the best. When we were younger we would spend the weekends at her house digging through her jewelry and wardrobe. In awe of her style and taste. She loves colour, her house is a magpies dream, anyway the moral of the story here is . . . . . A colleague of B's once said to her " I love the way you dress, you always look as though you just about to leave and go to a party some place" How great is that?

There was a time people used to come up to me in shops or the street and say I looked nice that they would never dare to wear such outfits. 1950's dresses and heels to the super market. A peruvian phase, vintage underskirts that set a few copy cats on my case. (I didn't look as crazy as this may sound) . I had Fun with my clothes. I was brave, inventive, didn't want to blend in with the crowd. I have lots of beautiful clothes, I just don't wear them.

Just recently I have been less than inspirational with my wardrobe choices, there was that sunny day when I wore the floral dress but apart from that, safe black, grey, charcoal, khaki, jeans, white shirts. There is a fine line between tasteful and dull. I may have crossed it. I need to get inspired again. Maybe restart the game of raiding B's closet.

So Sarah lets go get those skirts on now!


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