pink then blue.

Style : Yesterday started pink and ended blue. Boiled eggs? I am trying to go without sugar until I go to Paris. This means no can do for my beloved chocolate morning cereals. In two weeks time pastry and macaroons will be my reward.

This white house, draped in wisteria with the blue shrub out front is for sale near my home. I thought I would investigate and see how much it was going for. Little out of our price range and on closer inspection I read that it has eight bedrooms. Eight. Maybe I will play the lottery tonight. I do dream of owning a pretty boutique bed and breakfast one day. Imagine all the fun you could have decorating all those bedrooms.

The bottom photo shows another house in my street getting fixed up. I wish all the houses in the road could be painted ivory to match like they used to be. It would make our little block look lovely.


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