Marrakech the streets

Style : I reread one of my favourite books whilst away and it lasted from the first day right up until our plane touched down in London. In my mind the perfect memoir for any holiday where local people and the blistering heat take centre stage. Within the pages I found a passage that described the drama unfolding on the narrow city streets of Marrakech perfectly. I am saddened to say I have no pictures of the hundreds of dusty sun tired Donkey's that we saw.

So from the the chapter The world in a wall, from 'My family and other animals' by author Gerald Durrell.

'It was a fascinating area, the cobbled streets crammed with stalls that were piled high with gaily-coloured bales of cloth, mountains of shining sweetmeats, ornaments of beaten silver, fruit, and vegetables. The streets were so narrow that you had to stand back against the wall to allow the donkeys to stagger past with their loads of merchandise. It was a rich colourful part of the town, full of noise and bustle, the screech of bargaining women, the cluck of hens and barking dogs, and the wailing cry of the men carrying great trays of fresh loaves on their heads.'


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