Great mail and a slice of cake

Style : What a great weekend. My postman made my day when he delivered the gorgeous soaps that I ordered from Brown Rice Family. The scents of cedar, mint and tea tree seeping through the brown paper wrapping. Then a surprise package from Aya, two copies of the beautiful book 'A girly interior in London' (available soon here) in which our home is featured. A little styling of my own but mainly the styling and photos were by Emma Cassi and Bertrand. I am pleased as punch with how it looks. Now to stop gawping over all the pretty homes featured and embellish this dusky pink top that I picked up in Tesco's of all places. I need to sequin it up ready for the sparkling North African sun. If that ash cloud doesn't ruin our plans.

Thanks so much for all your responses to Morocco I will be planning my trip over the next few days, including as many of your recommendations as I can.


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