Flowers everywhere

Style : Summers almost upon us and I am so happy to be placing flowers everywhere, some from the super market, some from a friend, some retrieved on a walk and some from my dad's garden. I layered them all up on the table for dinner with friends. Lamb, potato gratin, slow roasted tomato comfit and bitter chocolate cake for dessert. All recipes chosen from Bill Granger's delicious book Feed me now.

A walk today, while the sun was still out, took me past a whole host of new blossoms. Boughs draped in deep pinks, mauves and creamy pale blooms all frothy like just poured champagne. I have been think about flowers so much lately still craving a garden of my own, choosing a list of my favourite varieties to sew once we have an outside space. Top of my list anything pretty that can also be eaten, then lilacs, peonies, and I am feeling a slow rising jealousy at a huge patch of colourful snap dragons in one of my neighbours gardens. I remember how amazed I was as a child when my mum showed me how to pinch the petals and make their little floral mouths open and close.
I will put the envious feelings to a good use and draw up a garden wish list. Hope your long weekend turned out well and I am wondering if you have a favourite flower from your childhood ?


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