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My lovely friend Ella sent me these goodies a while ago but they only came the other day! No thanks to the Bank Holiday and the how awful Royal Mail are! She told me she was sending me somethings to cheer me up after me and my boyfriend broke up. I was so shocked when it came, she is so talented and generous! She drew me some gorgeous pictures, I especially like the jumper one, I remember when she posted it on her blog, and I was like OMGTHATJUMPERSSONICE! I showed my Mum the picture she drew of me, and she said it was amazing, and wants her to draw another one!! I especially love the tattoos she sent me! The whole package really made me smile! Its possibly the best thing I've ever been sent in the post, and I cannot wait to sort out a little gift to send back to her!

Seriously you should all go follow her blog because her artwork is seriously amazing! Shes also one of the sweetest people I know (:


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