Double chocolate freckles

Style : Everyone is sure to love a pretty biscuit. I took a batch to work and my colleagues descended on them like a locust storm! So I thought I'd share the recipe. I found this in an M&S cookies book. Still available if you are in the UK. They look so cute and dark topped are best for grown ups. For kids I would probably top them with melted white chocolate.

Double Chocolate Freckles

125g butter softened
165g firmly packed brown sugar
1 egg
225g plain flour
35g self raising flour
35g cocoa powder
200g dark eating chocolate
(for a sweeter version you could use white chocolate instead)

1 Beat the butter sugar and egg in a bowl with an electric mixer until combined. Sift together the dry ingredients then stir half at a time in to the sugar, butter and egg mixture.

3 Knead dough on a floured surface until smooth, roll dough out until 5 mm thick. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

5 Preheat oven to 180c/160c fan assisted. Grease oven trays and line with baking parchment.

6 Using 3 cm and 5 cm rounds cut discs from the dough. place 3 cm rounds on one tray and 5 cm on another. Bake small cookies for 8-10 minutes then larger ones for 12 minutes. Cool on wire racks.

8 Melt the dark/white chocolate and spread on top of cooled cookies. Top with sprinkles. Leave to set at room temperature.

Yay! I just heard that one of my friends has had a sweet baby girl. So it looks as though I will be baking again very soon!

Recipe from Marks and Spencer.


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