collar bone confections

Style : There was something that jumped out at me from the Anna Sui collection, beyond the colour, it was the stunning pieces of jewelry. Real statement necklaces. While flicking through my Etsy favorites yesterday I found these amazing collar bone confections that could easily give Anna a run for her money.

They are from Etsy shop Irregular Expressions, a family project based in Istanbul, selling freeform crochet jewelry and knitted accessories. Beautiful fibers, traditional techniques and delicate intricate beadwork are combined to complete these works of art. All items are one offs so if you see a piece you like snap it up quick! If someone pips you at the post, they also welcome custom orders. Just imagine what you could come up with?

Something about these designs really reminds me of Frida Kahlo another great colour role model. Anyway I think I have bombarded you with enough colourful images for one day. Back tomorrow.

Product Images from Irregular Expressions


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