Cutting and sticking

Style : How is everyone? I had a lovely weekend, managed to resist the call of the bottle as all my friends went out to watch the first England game at a bar, I stayed in and watched silly movies and ate fish and chips with a fellow world cup disowner. Sunday was spent drinking homemade smoothies, eating peanut butter smothered muffins, and adding a few items to my clothes line of inspiration in the kitchen. A little too much TV, but with no garden or the will to attempt the short walk to the beach, home we stayed. More football ensued.

The world cup is taking over here indoors too so I have been using the time to form orderly volumes of beauty, cutting and sticking all the recipes and interior image scraps the are in piles all over the house, driving my husband up the wall. But disaster has struck and I have run out of double sided tape. This would never have happened on Blue Peter. Maybe I can get some delivered with my groceries?

I hope this weekend saw you pick up where you left off on creative projects and you didn't waste too many hours with television like me, we need to make the most of balmy light evenings and early sunrise wake up calls, don't you think?


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