bye for now.

Style : It has been an eat all day kind of day. Yummy breakfast bacon, eggs, fresh pressed coffee and caramel shake. Pate on toast and tea for lunch. Salt. pepper and butter corn for supper. Topped off with an ice cold glass of coke with a twist of lime. Might even make time for a hot chocolate before bed.

A friend gave me another lovely bunch of raggedy stocks on Friday, pink and white this time. Our little home is all bright with sunshine and flowers, we didn't even leave the house once today.

But I will be leaving tomorrow, leaving to spend the week with my sisters and mum in Ireland. I am so excited. Hope those irish rain clouds disappear. I will be back with pictures and words maybe during the week maybe I will save it for my return on Saturday.

I hope you have had a great weekend and will enjoy a happy next week.

bye for now.


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