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Style : Last 12 things with Briar.

1. Telecom Australia telephone from the early 1980's. As a props buyer, I am always coming across interesting things in thrift stores - this is one of them. We used the same model at home when I was a child - and whenever we have children visiting our home now, it's the first thing they go to.1.
2. Silver Horse. This is an original 'fun fair' prize from the 1960's - it was given to me by a colleague when I was working on the film 'Wolverine'. It reminds me of the laughter during that job. The horse were purchased from a retired circus ringleader in Sydney.
3. Smoky quartz ring. I have four sisters and two female cousins. All seven of us are very close, and all own the same ring from Jan Logan. We plan to pass the rings on to our daughters one day, so they are always kept in the family.
4. Timber Swizzle Stick. A memento from my wedding. These were used by guests to stir their pink mojitos.
5. Polaroid. The majority of photos from my 1980's childhood seem to be polaroids. This is one of my favourites. A photo of me and my cousin/best friend. We are five weeks apart and have always been inseparable.
6. Coral. I purchased this piece of coral me, it signifies our home at the moment. My husband and I have been living in Manly for two years, due to work commitments. (on the other side of Sydney to where we grew up.) I have slowly come round to our new suburb and now love the beachside life.
7. Vintage Rubber Stamp. I have a big collection of rubber stamps, and this would be my favourite - given to me by my very good friend from school, Rachel.
8. Timber Apple. This has been around me since I can remember - playing with it is one of my first memories. I have no idea where my mum got it from, but I like how it's in my home now.
9. Black & White Photo. This is my mum and her parents in the family car in the 1950's. I love how happy my grandma Olga looks. Up close, you can also see 4 year old mum grinning in the back of the car.
10. Perfume. My husband bought this perfume for me a few months before we were married. It's the scent I wore on our wedding day - I also love the bottle design.
11. Vase. I realise some people would find this a little garish. I have a few items in my home that could be described as garish! The vase was given to me by my grandma and I love the colour and texture. It looks great holding a few white flowers.
12. 'My Rainbow' Story Book. This is one of the little books I created when I was seven. My mum is a primary school teacher, so
she was always really encouraging. I remember thinking I could be an illustrator when I grew up. On reflection, it's lucky I chose a different
career path


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