My aesthetic heart belongs to Galliano

Style : He stole it in 1994 when I started college and purchased my first copy of Vogue for research, there blossomed a lifetime obsession with fashion, trends, design and the way everything looks. I have always been a vintage girl at heart. As a child I treasured (amongst other things) a tin of old lipsticks and rouge in gold cases that belonged to my great grandma. Always loved the lifestyle and fashions of decades out of my reach. Ball gowns and fur capes. Nights at the opera.

Each new collection by John Galliano takes my breath away. I don't spend much time wishing for things I can't afford but I would love so much to wear one of these outfits.

For fall 09 the Dior couture collection was shown in the salons of the Christian Dior headquarters, just as the clothes would have traditionally been presented to clients and the press in the 1950's. Vibrant colours, silk bows, draped satin, stocking tops and fabulous heels all with a backdrop of green and white ferns and flowers. Heaven.

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