Final 12 with Louisa.

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1. Madonna - I am not a Catholic but I do love the Madonna image. I see her as a strong woman and protective, always overlooking. She is on my bedside table. I also have another who lost her arm. I have kept her all the same and lives on my duchess.

2. Moulin Rouge Vintage Book - I have to admit I have not read this book. In fact I have three copies of this book and when I do decide to read it, it will be the others as this one has such a pretty cover. I love the "idea" of an exciting bohemian lifestyle and its colourful characters. Quite content to live my quiet life though.

3. Vintage Birdie Tin - Lives on my kitchen bench. There is nothing inside it. I just love the colours, the pattern and beautiful things are really what make a space.

4. Vintage Apron - This represents my love for all vintage aprons. I have taken a particular attachment to this one. It's not prettier than my others. Just that the colours appeal. Oh and it happens to go well with my gumboots.

5. Love letters from my kids - Perhaps I should have saved the best till last because these are my favourite of all twelve. My son's letter to me reads, "To mum, The Rose - It's pretty like you, It cuddles its seedlings and then drops them and raises them. It's like you're the rose and me and Lily are the seeds. Love from D.J.C. My daughter's letter is filled with kisses and hugs plus the infinity symbol to show that these are never ending. Yes these are my most favourite of all my twelve items.

6. Note Paper box - Inside my note paper box are little notes to my self. Of things that inspire. I also have the stem from one of those fairies that you blow and make wishes. The blossom then flies into the air carrying your wish on it. I can't remember the wish but must have been good.

7. Grandma's Brooch - I gave grandma this brooch. It's of a bee thats body is made from Russian crystal. I am sure she loved it but never wore it because it was too sparkly for her to wear. It has now come back to me and I love it and have begun wearing it...because it's not too sparkly for me.

8. Tea Cup - I adore the willow pattern and I adore a cup of tea. In a tea cup and saucer. And when I watch BBC period dramas I tend to especially want to drink my tea from my tea cups. Go figure.

9. French coasters - My mum gave me these. They were vintage finds from a local thrift shop. They feature some of my favourite places I would love to visit in Paris. I am yet to go. But I am seriously yearning.

10. Shell Candle - I don't live near the beach. I am closer to the gorgeous countryside. But I do love the sea. Not as a beach babe but more for the romanticism of it all. From the crashing of waves onto the sand to the sunken treasures that lies beneath. So I think this is a part of what shells symbolise to me besides their natural beauty.

11. Bedside dish of gemstones - I love gemstones. They can mean so many things to many people. To me mostly they are just beautiful. This little dish that lives beside my bed has four of them and I am in love with their colour. Turquoise is my all time favourite. You may also notice a pendant that has been carved from shell with a pearl in its centre. It has just ended up there after taking it off one night before going to bed.

12. Country Living magazine - This is the British Country Living magazine. It makes me feel at home when I read these magazines. I am not sure if I could really choose just one. This is the most recent one I've read and once again I am in love with it and has given me some great ideas. From the pretty plate wall to bunting on another page that is threaded onto some thin rope. I'm going to try both.

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