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Style : I have been nominated by one of my lovely readers as one of the best UK design blogs to enter the Design Democracy Awards 2010 in conjunction with the London Design Festival.

Hmmm what does design democracy mean to me? I never asked myself that before but I guess, the freedom to design, create and inspire no matter who you offend or how much approval you receive. Design democracy leaves the door open to shock and to please. What angers some elates others.
Acceptance. I appreciate everyone has an opinion but now we are not at school anymore no one should be able to bully us about our choices. I have always had quite a strong sense of self and style and it took a lot of will when I was younger to not run with the pack and be the same as every body else. When at age 10 all my friends had the newest technology and teased me as I clung to my vintage camera that took square photos I knew I was on a different path. The difference was I didn't try to make them feel bad for all being the same.

Anyway back to the point, if you think I deserve it please vote for Lobster and swan.

Thank you!


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