Can't stay down for long.

Style : Even though mail order is giving me some difficulties at the moment. Etsy does have a great side. Meeting people. The best thing about having an Etsy shop is all the wonderful people you meet. Buyers, sellers and people who share your tastes. Someone I have met recently is Jessica Goodman from Way side Violet "a student, a coffee lover, proud corgi owner, an admirer of pretty things and a devourer of literature".

I was very happy to be asked by Jess to answer a few questions for the first interview in a series about her favourite Esty sellers. We are also having a little giveaway with the interview. so pop on over and leave a coment to win.

See more from Jess, coffee snugs (like the one above) in her Shop and day to day life at Flickr.

Thank you again Jess.


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