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Style : llymlrs

dress: new look
jacket: primark (old)
necklace: primark
rings: jwlry (30% off using BYEBYE)

When in doubt where white & a leather jacket. Always a simple but awesome combo, probably my favourite go to when I don't know what to wear. I got this dress purely to wear on hoiday, maybe the cut-outs are a bit risque but I dont care. It only occoured to me today I dont own any simple vests for occasions like this! Must stock up on basics next time I have some money!

Was running out of light so just a few snaps for today. Changed into my PJ's now and snuggled into bed, My throats all better now but I now have sinus pressure & a head cold, really cant win at the moment. I hope everyone is well and having a good Saturday. The rest of mine will be me moping over not seeing The Strokes at Reading & Leeds festival and finishing reading Looking For Alaska. I have so much love for John Green, I wish he was my husband.


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