A black liquorice door.

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Every time I walk up towards my house, freshly painted pale grey like the British sky with white icing around the windows, I can't help but wonder how fabulous it could be in pink, a huge hunk of pink birthday cake with iced windows and a black liquorice door. Cream puffs for shrubs and sugar flowers in the garden. I have been awake since five this morning and as I'm sure you can guess, baking since six thirty. My brain is addled from all the lemon frosting and chocolate cake batter.

With the frill off an old dressing gown, some fabric flowers, vintage french ribbon and a roll of pretty making tape from the lovely Lynne of Papermash I decorated the corner of the kitchen to accommodate my makeshift cake stand. Then popped in to town to deliver the cakes to my colleagues as an afternoon cheer up, had some lunch and made it home between the summer showers.


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