unwelcome interlude

Style : Another lovely weekend. Almost perfect. A sunny day out and a rainy day in.

Beautiful Saturday, sunny, social, seeing friends, eating great food at the local seafood and wine festival. The husbands memories of this day will be somewhat marred by a violent case of food poisoning from his arch nemesis the scallop. Twice he has had a reaction like this so he won't be braving them again.

Sunday with a fully recovered other half and a light rain all day means things can get done indoors, blog updates, garland making, simple chores including a steady stream of laundry. D is off to vegas and New York for work (it's a hard life for some) and needs all his favorite clothes which obviously he keeps at the bottom of the washing basket. Then making a huge batch of healing chicken soup, with enough extra portions saved in the freezer for a whole winters worth of under the weather days.

How did you spend your weekend?


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