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Sorry I've been a tad M.I.A on here over the last 48 hours (the horror!), I had a little bout of blogger blues, Everything I was writing wasn't good enough, interesting enough and to be honest, I just couldn't be bothered. I'm still terribly run down from being sick last week, I come home from work and all I want to do is sleep. Bloggings pissing me off too, As much as I really do love blogging and sharing, I always feel like people want so much from me, it might sound weird and I know people will be like "just dont blog, its supposed to be fun blahblah!" I just feel like I'm under this constant pressure to be "LLYMLRS" (my pet hate is when people refer to me as LLYMLRS, thats my blogs name, not mine! Its Lily if you didnt know!)

Im definitely one of those people who would rather just not post than see the quality of my blog slip.I have the day off tomorrow, and I'm currently finishing off my September favorite which will definitely be up tomorrow, But I may go against everything I believe in and do two posts in one day, because I REALLY want to show you a dress I bought the other day! At the end of the day please just bare with me, I just want to get better and fall back in love with my blog. So if Im slow, I'm not gone, Im probably just on Twitter...

PS. If you want to read something good, I did an interview for Sara which you can read here.


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