sweeter than a raspberry royale

Style : Welcome to a new week. No more parties or leaving do's to attend. So no more hang overs. I am busy with a little tidying, radio on, windows open, blinds up, sun streaming in. Fresh linen on the bed, mug of spiced tea in hand.

These are a few more pictures from last week, the raspberry royale followed by fresh raspberry and mint fizz. We also went to meet our new nephew Harry. A teeny little thing all swaddled up in a fluffy blanket he was surely sweeter than any pudding I have ever seen. Must go and visit him again very soon, we miss him already.

I had to dye my dark again, a mercy mission for Saturdays party, the faded roots were to disturbing to be seen and the red dye needs a pre lightening treatment to get the full effect of the Auburn. So next time will be red time. Don't think I chickened out!

Anyway back to laundry and doing the dishes. I hope your Monday has started well.


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