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Style : Had a fabulous time in London with friends today. We enjoyed yummy balsamic strawberry and black pepper ice cream next to the shimmering water in the garden at the V&A whilst waiting to see the Grace Kelly exhibition. It was all there, the Kelly bag, diamond tiara, floral silk pumps, capsule honeymoon wardrobe. Lots of cooing later and with a few (can't leave behind) items from the museum shop. I found myself making a mad dash for the train with a paper wrapped caramel doughnut in one hand and a copy of this beautiful magazine in the other. So impressed with their ethos (below) and what I discovered within the pages. I subscribed as soon as I got home. Can't wait for the next issue to arrive.

"oh comely is a magazine about people and their quirks and their creativity, rather than money and what it can buy. It's nice to see you here.
It's a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight. Imagine sitting down with a cup of tea and a creative friend to hear all the strange things she says, all the curious stuff she does, and about the things she loves."

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