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Style : Still in bed with no place to go, I am very grateful to Denise for inviting me to write a seven things post.

I love that Denise never wears black, how cool is that? I barely ever stray from black and grey!

Here are seven new things that maybe you never knew about me.

Potty mouth
I swear too much, never in front of children, grandma's or my mum. But too often everywhere else. I don't say crude or dirty words ( I can be a bit of a prude) just swears. I am going to try and quit it.

Eating prawns gives me the shivers, I love the taste but have to chew them down quick. I think I have psyched myself out over them too much in the past. But if you batter them or wrap 'em in filo pastry you will hear no complaints.
I edit out the bad stuff. In everyday I look for the best. I know not everything can be perfect, but try to look past the angry domestic fray on the corner of my street or the rubbish all over the place and instead see the leaves changing colour or the person repainting their tired door ready for a new season.

I always had a hatred of blancmange, milky jelly never seemed right to me, I love glossy bright jeweled pots of jelly (never with ice cream). But lured in by Pearce Duffs retro packaging I picked up some blancmange the other week and chucked it in the super market trolly. We are going to give it a whirl and shoo away childish fears.

I don't especially like rabbits, but all my favourite childhood stories involve a bunny somewhere. Carrot cake by Nonny Hogrogian, where rabbit newlyweds set up a home and learn a bitter lesson about living together (it turns out okay in the end!), and The rabbit wedding a story about a black rabbit marrying a white rabbit. Plus a whole stack of Beatrix Potter's.
They always have such vibrant lovable personalities in books, a shame that in real life they are quiet and keep themselves to themselves.
Dental records
I have the same teeth as my dad. My own set of course but matching none the less. When we smile its the same pearly whites that shine out in the picture. Long in the front. But quite a good set, I better start taking better care of them. I have to have a wisdom out soon, and this has really hit home how much sugar and sweets I consume. I guess I should throw out the candies along with those swear words.

Getting older gets to me somedays. I look at photos and see lines. As 30 passed by it all seemed to start going down hill. On the inside it's yay, I have never been happier. On the outside it is a twenty four hour a day maintenance job to stay slim and hold on to some kind of elegance. Starting with hanging on to those teeth of mine!

A final question, Not saying I want to end up looking like some certain celebrities (I will name no names) But I am interested to know has anyone reading had an experience with Botox?

Thanks again to denise for asking and thanks to you for taking the time to read such a long post.

I would like to know seven new things about everyone reading! Not that I am a demanding patient or anything! If not seven then just one if you are going to leave a comment? : )


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