Happy Monday

Style : Happy Monday to you. Here are a few more pictures of the living room, not sure how it all turned out so girly, it seems everything I touch ends up this way. The husband left a patchy sultry half manlike room and is to come home to this, I don't think he will be too impressed. I will be editing out a few of the shabby chic touches later.

I bought the photo of a stag as a peace offering an I.O.U for a future study/office where no floral anything or pretty candlestick will trespass. The scent of cedar and old leather chairs, a tobacco candle, a potted plant, maybe some taxidermy and an anglepoise lamp.

Anyway it stays pretty for now, I am off to nurse my featured illness of the week, a cold. Obviously working with sick colleagues, the public and horrible air conditioning recycling germs means Autumn is going to be peppered with various ailments for me. Honey lemon and grated ginger is the beginning of the battle for this one. I had such a good run of health throughout the beginning of 2009! Better get back in to eating more veggies.

On a more positive note D has told me to plan a short five day break for us and says we can go anywhere I like, I am stumped I just don't know where to go? Any suggestions? Have you stayed in a lovely hotel recently or visited a city or town that exceeded expectations? I was thinking Amsterdam, Stockholm, somewhere in Scotland, I just don't know. Help!

Hopefully he won't retract the offer once he has seen the flat.


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