Beaming white

Style : Piles of pretty things stacked up and waiting for a greater purpose. Magazines torn and pages collected for Record the Day. Cushion covers refreshed and hanging all around the house to dry. Shelves emptied and waiting to come down so I can paint. Recycling packed and ready for my dawn wake up call so I can creep down to the street before anyone is awake, and leave it ready to be collected. Chicken soup to ward off the cold that has been going around the work place. Must remember sugar soap so I can sluice down the kitchen units back to their former beaming white glory too. I am quite excited about how much I could get done tomorrow.

Don't know why I get so organised the second the husband leaves for a trip. I guess I just rather enjoy his company and his arms when he is here. And I know how thrilled he is to come home to a tidy house. As I can be a messy blighter!


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