The sweetest little cottage in wales

Style : I have been popping home at lunchtimes to pack up orders and plan our getaway. We have rented the sweetest little cottage in wales. I am so excited, to be spending some time with the husband away from our town. Quiet time. talking time, cooking and building fires. Reading and toasting marshmallows.

More about the cottage later. For now in preparation I am writing lots of lists, lists of things we need to do, like shopping for good old traditional green wellington boots, finding the torch, food to take. wine to drink. I am so excited.

Thanks to lots of your suggestions I have plenty in mind for where to visit and what to see.

Another weekend is nearly here and I have so much I need to make and do for my shop, but all I want to do is bake some of Jamie Oliver's Pine nut and Almond cookies. Maybe I will get up super early to bake and then we can enjoy warm from the oven biscuits with our Sunday morning coffee.

How will you be spending your Saturday and Sunday?


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