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Finally I am getting around to listing some of my favourite photo prints in the shop it seems that after the hiatus of Summer, Autumn is the season that gets me inspired to get on with the things I have been procrastinating about for months.
The half finished and barely started are all getting completed now. Must be those darkening evenings and chilly winds whipping around the streets that keep me indoors sipping earl grey and sorting out my creative life.
Whatever it is I am super happy to be tying up so many loose ends. I have a bad habit of letting inspiration take over and moving too swiftly on to the next project leaving others half done.

Maybe the urgency comes from having to make better use of the lessening hours of light, this is the one aspect of Winter that I really don't like. Leaving for work in the dingy half light and returning home in the dark. My chance of taking photos limited to lunch hours and days off. So as you can imagine I am so excited to be having two weeks holiday very soon.

Happy Monday everyone.


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