Earl grey and Matisse

Style : Seems that I am awol more and more these days. Just been sorting out a life time worth of things at home. Its all go around here. My husband has to work till late most evenings and I am getting everything ship shape for some photographs to be taken of our home. I have more garlands half finished and a stack of linen, tweed and lace cushions all waiting on the work table. Plus an inbox that is fit to bust. I should really be sewing right now.

I am off tomorrow so I hope to return at some point through the day. I would like to spend some time catching up with all of you, (and those emails) show you what I have been making and see what you have been doing. I hope to visit Tunbridge wells in the morning. Up early coffee and book in hand, I love to get all wrapped up and go on a train ride through the country side when its chilly out.

Back soon.


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