Style : My internet connection is being a nightmare or it could be this laptop of mine that needs a good cleansing. Hence my absence lately. I need my man to take it a way for a mac spa day and return it rejuvenated. A new one is simply out of the question at the moment.

I have had a lovely three day break, dark skies and rain, no husband and more rain have helped to get me motivated. I have been stitching cutting wrapping and packing. Making new garlands and decorations to put in the shop.

All the autumn colours outside my windows inspired me to use some vintage 1950's fabric in the packaging.

I also wanted to thank you for all your ideas for our holiday, I am feeling homely and thinking maybe we might hit the road and see some of the UK for a change, B&B's, chilly hands warmed by hot chocolate in little cafes bye the sea, lakes and mountains, rolling hills and castles. I am thinking head to Arundel then towards Bridstow to visit Bailey's home and garden store. Then a little of wales and so on until the week runs out. What are your favorite towns and places to visit in old Blighty? Any great tea shops or other things I should know about?

Happy October by the way!


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