winter coat pt.2

Style :

sweater: primark
skirt: H&M
coat: george at asda
scarf: zara

Not gonna lie but right now I feel like throwing my macbook out the window and trashing my bedroom, screaming FML FML FML. Today the clutch on my car has gone and now I have no form of transport until I get it fixed, I called up the garage and they wont be able to even see it until Friday. I should have just accepted that stupid courtesy car on my insurance when they offered it. Its gonna cost me three times as much now to get to and from work/uni. Just to make it EVEN better I have to leave my house at 8am on Wednesday for my dissertation lecture and meetings in the morning, then work 2-8 (joys of late night shopping) and then get home around half 9. Seriously FML.


Ok, So yeah, This is my second winter coat post, This one I bought from George at Asda. I did really like this coat from George, and I had actually gone into Asda to get that one. I spotted this one, and thought I just had to have it. I sized up because I wanted a more skirted shape, the 10 looked a bit straight and I wanted it to flare out a little. I love the faux fur trim round the hood, It looks so cute! I love that my face is exactly the same in all the photos!You can view the video of the outfit post here. Its a bit craptastic because the colours are totally wrong, For some reason they look really different on my computer to how they uploaded. Ah well, Still learning with youtube, so whatevz!


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