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I am taking five minutes before I am swept off on a friends birthday day of fun, to pop in and say hello. I have missed being here but just have no time at the moment.

I have been . . . .

Sending packages
receiving parcels
making garlands
guest posting
eating salt butter caramels
visiting friends
watching "The September issue"
and "La vie en rose"
household stuff
back to work
I feel there is so much more to the list, but I think you understand.

My days have been so full and I will be back soon, when I get the time I promise to answer some of the questions that are left in your comments, which I so cherish, but I seem to get swept along and hardly ever reply. Just know that I read each one and am so glad that you visit me here.

I must say a super huge thank you to Holly for her extra lovely post about my blogs and I. To hear such words written about yourself can be quite overwhelming, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you again Holly!


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