Welsh cakes

Style : November already, this is the month when I really like to snuggle in and start falling in love with home all over again. Fireside treats and simple crafts keep hands useful. Before the festive rush of December begins and we are busy for everyone else, I like to keep November just for me.

All the leaves are turning and falling from the trees, the evenings are darker and the cold draws in. Brown and sepia such perfect colour choices for this month. Reminding me of tweed blankets, hot spiced cider and beeswax on wood.

My husband and I are in a cottage in Wales surrounded by mountains this weekend, embracing Autumn in all its glory, toasting pumpkin seeds, baking potatoes and roasting chestnuts in the red hot embers of the wood burner. Carrying a flask of warm chocolate milk on our wellie booted walks. All the trees are coloured like a burst of flames orange, brown, gold and red.


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