This lovely

Style : Back home now, and oh I do love our sweet little flat, but I would trade up and move to the remote cottage in the black mountains tomorrow.

So peaceful with nature all around. There was so much I loved . . . .

A blue-tit perched on my windowsill in the morning
Stunning views of Autumn all around
Baking potatoes in the fire
The swish of the river outside
Carving a pumpkin
Finding all the houses dotted around the mountains
and choosing which ones I would like to live in, all of them.
Meeting a farmer and his horse on the road
Not watching television
Rain on the roof at night
Playing scrabble

I am counting the days until we can have another holiday this lovely. For any of you who would love to spend a few days away from an overpopulated town and in a rural cottage Under the thatch is such a great company and where we rented this cottage (Pont Esgob) from.


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