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Style : A comment was left here, I think, on which post I am not sure, the trail back has abruptly ended and I am not 100% on where it began. I am one of those that find peace of mind from deleting my history and clearing out my sent/read messages. I must learn to hold on to this information longer.

Its late and I am very sleepy, I have just watched a film about Enid Blyton, beautiful costumes elegant setting, (Cath Kidston eat your heart out!) but boy oh boy, if the film is to be believed, behind closed doors she was a spiteful misery. Did anyone else watch it?
Now with my beliefs shattered I am heading off to bed. I thought I would share these pretty collections/collages from the commenter mentioned earlier, Spanish Rakufrecsia.

All images Rakufrecsia.

PS. happy Friday!!


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