No longer a stranger

Style : Monday I received a red postal card on my door mat. A parcel waiting at the depot. I didn't know what it could be. The only thing I am waiting for is a calendar from Story by Mia. I picked up my mystery parcel with a sweet stamp bearing a polar bear. All day I kept it safe on the shelf at work. Lunch and tea breaks came and went. I did not peek. I clutched my surprise close to me all the way as I walked home in the dark.
A warm cup of vanilla tea and my favorite corner of the sofa. Then savour the unwrapping of this extra special Autumn gift from a kind and thoughtful stranger, Erika.
Inside I discovered a lovely handwritten note, a glistening silver acorn, scented candles, gloves, chocolate, the most amazing tea I have ever smelled, a book which I will keep in my bag and read in my breaks at work, a beautiful pewter candlestick and cup. Thank you so much Erika I love it all. Its perfect.

Thank you so much to sofia as well for organizing such a soul warming swap. What a perfect beginning to this season.


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