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Style : Up early and that happy sun is up and looks to last a few hours so I must get out and take some pictures for an article I am writing. I have also added a few new garlands to the shop.
I suppose I should start adding some more festive items. I really don't like to think about christmas until at least mid November and with that fast approaching and the postal situation over here I guess its time. I am quite against the shops stocking their shelves with mince pies and christmas crackers in September, but all my magazines this month are getting geared up for the season of red and gold and then "Home alone' or some other festive film will be on TV and my inner elf can't be contained, I love snow, wrapping presents making yummy treats for family and friends, decorations.

Christmas spirit is potent stuff, so I will rein it in, still only November 4th. I think I will just do a tiny collection. Some festive garlands and wreaths.


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