Great ships and flocks of gulls

Style : Winter is closing in on our house today, swirling winds whipping leaves from their branches and throwing them up into the air. The sky is as dark as dusk and it is only just after 10am.

The winter in my imagination however, has been captured perfectly in these top images by local Hastings artist Claire Fletcher. Where is my knowing reindeer to guide me through the snow? (will add to December wishlist)
Many of Claire's illustrations and paintings are inspired by a magically nostalgic view of local attractions, surroundings and traditional British past times. How lucky to see the world in this playful way. Great ships and flocks of seagulls, mermaids and sailboats, favourite pets and toys, dress ups and exploring games.

I see life in a similar way in my head, I just can't draw or paint for toffee.

If you are falling for claire's work as I have, be sure to catch her at the Selvedge Christmas fair.

All images Claire Fletcher.


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