Winter spices.

Style : Thank you for all your sweet comments from my previous posts, feels like ages since then. I have been away in Gloucester for a couple of days visiting with my Granny where we walked in the forest, learnt about the old local mines, followed deer tracks and collected pine cones.

Then on to Bath to visit the christmas market, mulled wine, hot caramel nuts, christmas spirit, if I'm truthful I did not brave the wine, many of my fellow shoppers had it streaming over their hands as they were jostled in the crowd. I hate having sticky hands so that was a no go. I think I will make some warm spiced cider and consume it in the safety of my own home.
The crowds were a bit daunting at first, but a shot of hot chocolate and some sweet peanuts were perfect fuel, just the sugar fix to keep us going, and we soon got used to the busy town centre. Away from the crowds we explored quieter streets and found some lovely shops. Like Susannah the antique store pictured below. It was like a beautiful doll's dressing up box, glass cake stands, pretty vintage florals, old oil paintings, lace, a warm open fire crackling in a Victorian fireplace. I wanted to stay in there forever. The lady herself was as remarkable as her wares.

My most favorite thing in Bath though, was the houses. Grand Georgian homes built from beautiful cream coloured soft stone. I did see a few empty shops there too. Maybe I can relocate sometime soon? Hope you had a fun weekend too.


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