Mrs Flax, tights and okra

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I think I have been tagged by four or five different people. But I have been a bad blogger and lost track of who and when. Please speak up if it was you? I'm not rude just a bit forgetful. and obviously I have been doing very important stuff like dressing up etc!

So seven things?

When I was much younger I used to watch The film Labyrinth, every day. I had a huge crush on David Bowie. Only now do I see the wrong in this. Those tights! What was he and I thinking?! But boy oh boy did I want that crystal Barbie style dress that Jennifer Connelly wore to the Masquerade Ball. I still love the song that plays in that scene now.

I consider myself to be a well behaved dinner guest. I will eat most things unless you serve me mussels, okra or mushrooms.

I used to go to ballet classes and loved it until my teacher insisted I sing "Happy talkin, talkin, happy talk" alone on stage for the local music festival. I refused and that was my last day. A singer I am most definitely not.

I'm not so good at time keeping. I hate being chained down. Don't wear a watch. Don't care if my mobile is charged. I like to be free. In my own little world.

Due to the happenings in my previous post we are having fried breakfast for dinner today. I am normally quite a healthy eater and like to cook epic dinners, but the novelty still hasn't worn off that I can choose anything at all to put in our shopping basket! Although Dean does not get enthused at the thought of cereal or just a bowl of mashed potatoes and peas for an evening meal, I do! When he is away I sometimes just eat marshmallows or citrus fruits for supper. Today I have eaten an advent calendar's worth of chocolate.

It seems as though I am making out the husband to be a bit of a grump. But he is lots of fun, wouldn't have married him otherwise!. He is however quite a realist so living with someone not unlike a combination of a christmas elf and Cher's kooky character Mrs Flax from the film Mermaids (who doesn't love a star shaped sandwich in their packed lunch?). Maybe it's hard for him sometimes. : )

I hate zombies. They really turn my stomach. I couldn't even watch that silly film "Shaun of the dead" because zombies really make me feel sick. I find the undead so chilling. Maybe it has to do with all the moaning, arms outstretched and shuffling feet. Yuck. Makes me shiver just to write about it!

Its hard to know who to tag I have met so many wonderful people just lately , sorry if you have already been asked, but I'd love to learn more about you. . . . . . . Theresa and Eva-Maria, Michiko, Brittany, Manon, Lynn, Kelly, and Jane plus anyone else who wants to chime in?!

(lot of links here too so if I've mixed up the names just let me know.)

Really, I am going now to polish off the last of those macaroons.


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