Marzipan and mixed fruit

Style : Here I am on christmas eve popping in to tell you that I hope you have a lovely holiday and a fabulous new year. I had high hopes of posting about fruit cake and my first attempt at Stollen but as always the season has carried me away and I have no end results to show yet.

Monday we went to London to collect some last minute gifts, tired, cold, (miraculously still laughing) and caught in a snow storm we found the stations closed, so holed up in a pub and savoured some brandy to thaw us out until we could find a train to get home. Last night I found myself drinking whisky at a punk gig, not very festive I know. Ten years ago this was not unusual, now however I safely sip my drink at the edge of the dance floor and pray I don't get knocked over or that someone or something doesn't get broken! I was there to vote for a friend taking part in a battle of the bands. Vote placed, sober and home in one piece by 10pm and they won hooray.

This afternoon more me like, I've been up to my elbows in mixed fruit, amaretto and cinnamon brownie batter. Need to get back into the kitchen and start dipping strawberries in white and dark chocolate ready to take to a friends mulled wine gathering later, I am beginning to see the seasons alcohol trend come in to full swing.

Beautiful image above by Ed Kluz available at St Judes prints

Seasons greetings and I hope to meet you all back here in 2010.


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