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Es increíble cuando vas caminando por la calle y ves tanta gente. Tanta información de moda y sobretodo tanta inspiración. Definitivamente mi mayor interés en la moda es el streetstyle. La gente que sale por la calle y vive su día a día como le da la gana. 
Queramos o no, nuestra manera de vestir es para nosotros nuestra carta de presentación, conciente o inconcientemente usamos nuestro “look” o manera de vestir como forma de expresarnos.
Looks inspiradores para todos los gustos!
BONA NIT desde Barcelona (o por lo menos BONA NIT para mi)
It's amazing when you're walking downtown Barcelona and you see this inspiring looks everytime I look around.
Definitely, streetstyle is my favorite “topic” in the fashion industry for sure!.
Like it or not, the way we dress is our way to show the world what we want them to know about us. Its how we present ourselves to the world or to the SOCIETY as a form of expression.
I've been lucky in here cause every time I ask someone to take a picture people show their interest in my blog and what I do in Peru.
I hope that if you feel identified or inspired by the looks you can capture any reference and thus your can be able to form an own style... your own style!.
Night night everybody


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