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Style : De-clutter day. I have four packs of bright colourful bits and bobs that would be perfect for craft fun with kids. There are small pieces in these though so I would suggest supervision and a watchful eye. (We did nearly have a trip to the hospital in the 80's when my 3 year old sister stuck some beads up her nose!!)
These packs in red, yellow, green and blue contain Papers, fabric scraps, beads, tags, trims and all manner of fun things for making mobiles, decorations or collages. And of course something for grown ups, two of my archive vintage embellishment packs, one in Violet/ivory and one green/amber each contains ribbons, sequins, beads, an antique postcard and more.

Just leave a comment below along with the first and second colour choice of the pack you would prefer and I will have a friend draw the names out of a vintage handbag on Saturday 14th of February, Valentines day. Good luck!


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