Style : Thanks for all your encouraging and inspiring comments, it is amazing to hear how many of you already have or are about to make the jump to spend more time doing the things you love. Its not about money or an easy life either, its clearly about spending most of your time doing what truly makes you happy, even if that means working longer hours for a lower income. A better quality of life. I don't want to look back and wonder why I never attempted to follow my dreams and with the support I have from my family and friends and all of you here it seems as though anything is achievable.

With valentines day fast approaching and as a special thank you to you all for making such interesting reading in the comments section, today seemed the perfect day to share something with you, I have one pair of these lovely red and white Cornish ware mugs to give away. Just leave a comment below and I will randomly pick out one name on Sunday the 14th of February. Good luck!

For more information about T.G Green’s famous Cornishware pottery range and why they have traded in their signature blue for this bright cherry red to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2010 or to order a set these bespoke red and white striped ‘Love Cups’ which come nestled in a beautiful gift box, each containing a little bag of handmade chocolates, visit T.G Green.


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