Style : Home made cinnamon latte, windows flung open, fresh air sweeping through the house. I have had the week off. Half spent in Ireland with my mum and littlest sister and half at home, a birthday in the middle, with a special dinner cooked by my dad and other sister and an inbox brimming with messages and exciting opportunities.

I am taking a step back from my day job, reducing my hours, with my husband helping me update and expand my blog so I can spend more time writing and introduce some new regular features. I love so much expressing my creativity and interests on this page, meeting and talking with you. Things are looking better than ever. Once the DIY and repairs are done to our apartment building we will hopefully be able to start looking for a cafe/shop space or even seek out the beginnings of that boutique B&B I dream of running.

Anyway must get back to stitching new garlands and making the flat all pretty again, there is talk of another photographer coming to take pictures for a magazine, will update you about that later. Have a wonderful weekend.

Have you already given up a ordinary day job? if not how do you dream of spending your days?


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